Chen earns a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Pediatric Networks

Dr. Timothy Stout, chair and professor of ophthalmology, and Dr. Rui Chen, professor of molecular and human genetics and GC-CPEH Member, have been awarded a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Pediatric Networks for the Human Cell Atlas grant to create an atlas of genes and proteins of the human eye across pediatric development. The $2.5 million grant will supportContinue reading “Chen earns a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Pediatric Networks”

Arey receives grant for memory research

GC-CPEH Pilot Awardee, Dr. Rachel Arey, assistant professor of molecular and cellular biology and in the Center for Precision Environmental Health, received a three-year, $225,000 grant from the Whitehall Foundation Inc. for her project to better understand the ability to form long-term memories. She will use the C. elegans model system to learn more about mRNAs involvedContinue reading “Arey receives grant for memory research”

Finnell earns grant for birth defect research

GC-CPEH Member, Dr. Richard H. Finnell, professor and holder of the William T. Butler MD Distinguished Chair, received a four-year, more than $2 million renewal of his NIH grant, “Intervention Strategies for Non-Folate Responsive Neural Tube Defects.” Efforts to better understand the underlying mechanism of folic acid’s beneficial effects may lead to novel intervention strategies to helpContinue reading “Finnell earns grant for birth defect research”

Symanski featured in NIEHS PEPH Newsletter

Dr. Elaine Symanski knows that it’s critical to meaningfully involve communities to promote social and environmental justice. As the director of the Maternal and Infant Environmental Health Riskscape Research Center; and deputy director of the Gulf Coast Center for Precision Environmental Health, she ensures her environmental health research is culturally relevant by getting community buy-inContinue reading “Symanski featured in NIEHS PEPH Newsletter”

Center Featured in NIEHS Newsletter

Environmental Factor, NIEHS’s award-winning online newsletter, featured the work of center members and their environmental health studies launched after Hurricane Harvey.“ It was an impressive display of the science efforts and collaborations that quickly came together in response to Hurricane Harvey,” said NIEHS Senior Medical Advisor Aubrey Miller, M.D. Read more at:

Dr. Farrah Kheradmand’s Study Raises Health Concerns About the Use of E-cigarettes

GC-CPEH member, Dr. Farrah Kheradmand’s study raises health concerns about the use of electronic cigarettes.  “The opposing views on the safety of e-cigarettes prompted one of my graduate students, Matthew Madison, to investigate the effects of chronic exposure to e-cigarette vapors and to conventional tobacco smoke on murine lung function” Read the full article at:

29th Annual Keck Conference

Precision Environmental Health: Integrating Environmental Sciences, Genomics, and Data Science to Advance Human Health. This conference focuses on interdisciplinary bioscience and will include talks from internationally recognized experts in the broad area of environmental health sciences. Confirmed speakers include: Andrea Baccarelli, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University Mailman School of PublicContinue reading “29th Annual Keck Conference”