Facility Cores Utilization and Subsidy Program

GC-CPEH Full Members utilizing the PIPELINE or IHSFC Facility Cores for in-house services, consultations, or to place orders for outside services are eligible for subsidies to underwrite their costs up to 50%. These subsidies are also available to non-members who have been awarded Pilot Projects.

For junior investigators (Assistant Professor or below), the Center can pay for up to 50% of the cost of that service, and for senior investigators (Associate Professor and above), the Center can pay for up to 25% of the cost of services.  

How to Request Services through the GC-CPEH Facility Cores

Step I – Member Submits a GC-CPEH Facility Core Service Request 

  • Center Member submits a service request through Center Website. The requestor must indicate:
    • Contact Information
    • Rank
    • Project Needs
    • Funding Sources
    • Anticipated Outcomes
  • GC-CPEH Center Administrator receives the notification of submission and routes request to the PIPELINE Core (Dr. Chris Amos) and/or for IHSFC (Dr. Elaine Symanski).
  • The service request is reviewed by Dr. Amos and/or Dr. Symanski for specific needs and forwarded to the appropriate Navigator for the development of a Work Order.

Step II – Navigator Submits a GC-CPEH Facility Core Work Order 

  • Navigator contacts requesting Center Member to discuss specific project needs and establish the following:
    • Project Start/End Date
    • Scope of Work
    • Estimated/Actual Cost of Services
    • Additional Training Needs
  • Navigator submits this information through GC-CPEH Facility Core Work Order 

Step III – Approval, Invoicing, and Payment

  • Once a Work Order is received, the Center Administrator will review and route for requisite approvals from GC-CPEH leadership.
  • A summary of the project will be sent to the requesting member and Navigator, along with the approval of matching funds.
  • Navigator will invoice GC-CPEH for the approved amount once services are complete.
  • The Center Administrator will provide the Navigator with the matching funds account to process invoices for payment.

Still have any questions or concerns? Contact Dr. Heyreoun An Han, a GC-CPEH Center Administrator.