Pilot Projects


The GC-CPEH supports pilot studies designed to promote precision environmental health research at the intersection of genetics/epigenetics, environmental health, and data science to understand individual and place-based determinants of disease risk.

The Full Pilot Project Proposals are open to all investigators from the supporting Institutions, who are eligible for federal funding but should be compatible with the GC-CPEH’s mission, and should document objectives consistent with environmental health research and/or environmentally-based community outreach and engagement. Membership discounts for the use of Center-sponsored Facility Cores and other membership privileges will be extended to non-Center members who receive pilot project funding. The Full Pilot Projects are for one year with no opportunity for extension (including no-cost extensions), and a budget not to exceed $40,000. Applications from junior investigators, those proposing the use of core facilities, and collaborative projects are especially encouraged. Involvement of a co-investigator from another institution(s) is permitted. An investigator may apply for only one award per grant round as PI or Co-PI.

The Rapid Response funding mechanism is designed to respond quickly to meritorious requests for support from GC-CPEH members to address time-sensitive research opportunities. Examples of qualifying research opportunities include Disasters Research Response projects or projects to acquire critical preliminary data for an extramural application quickly. Rapid Response project is for three months with no opportunity for extension, and budgets are limited to $10,000.