Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core

Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core

The IHSFC provides seamless access to expertise and capabilities for translational research of basic sciences into clinical and population-based studies. The goal of the IHSFC is to facilitate “reverse translation” of findings from human-population based and clinical studies into new hypothesis-driven laboratory research.

IHSFC Leadership

Photo of Dr. Elaine Symanski, Co-Director
Elaine Symanski, Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine
Photo of Philip Lupo
Philip Lupo, Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine
Photo of Dr. Abiodun Oluyomi
Abiodun Oluyomi, Ph.D.
Leadership Development Program
Participant (LDP)
Baylor College of Medicine


The IHSFC, directed by Drs. Elaine Symanski and Philip Lupo, provides access to expertise and capabilities to foster translational studies (basic sciences into clinical and population studies) that can ultimately be disseminated to the community. These resources include in-house services, consultation with our navigators. When you use the services via GC-CPEH Facility core, the GC-CPEH will subsidize your costs for 1) up to 25% for Senior Investigators and 2) up to 50% for Junior Investigators.

Population and Clinical Science

Providing guidance on designing and conducting population- and clinic-based investigations of the impact of environmental exposures on human health

  • Access to BCM biorepositories/Prospective biospecimen collection, processing, and sample storage (Navigator: Dr. Michael Scheurer):
    • Population Sciences Biorepository (PSB)
    • Human Tissue Acquisition and Pathology Biobanking (HTAP-Biobanking)
    • Research Tissue Support Service (RTSS)
    • Peribank
  • Study design assistance for epidemiological and clinical studies (Navigators: Drs. George Delclos, Winnie Hamilton, and Philip Lupo):
    • IRB protocol assistance
    • REDCap (digital questionnaires) (ICTR)
    • Database development
  • Forthcoming: Mobile-Clinical for Outreach and Community Health (Mobi-COACH) (Navigator:  Dr. Lance Hallberg)
    • Modified 32’ 2005 Winnebago
    • Includes a phlebotomy lab, freezer for storage of samples and multiple, locking storage units

Exposure Assessment Including Geographic Information System

Guidance on modeling and measurement approaches for environmental health assessments

Community Engagement

Guidance on Community-engaged approaches in their studies that involve developing critical partnerships with stakeholders to heighten relevance and impact of research activities

  • Approaches for community-engaged research (Navigators: Drs. Elaine Symanski and Winnie Hamilton)
    • Bridges to potential community partners
    • Translating and disseminating scientific findings for lay audiences
    • Reporting back to study participants

Request Services

GC-CPEH Full members and Pilot Project awardees utilizing the IHSFC Resources are eligible for the Center subsidies to underwrite their costs up to 25 to 50%.

Please complete the Facility Core Service Request Form to begin your request.


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