Metal Air Pollution Partnership Solutions (MAPPS) Project Highlighted in NIH PEPH Newsletter

GC-CPEH Deputy Director, Dr. Elaine Symanski’s Metal Air Pollution Partnership Solutions project was highlighted in the June 2020 Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH) Newsletter by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).  Dr. Symanski with GC-CPEH members, Drs. Inkyu Han and Heyreoun An Han and the rest of her team working together with the Houston Health Department and an advocacy group created a unique partnership with the affected community members including residents and metal recyclers to address metal air pollution and health concerns of the underserved Houston neighborhoods near metal recycling facilities.  “Involving both residents and industry members in the study was unique in terms of public health efforts, and we created invited spaces for all members to have their concerns heard, actively participate in the research effort and empower themselves,” said Dr. Symanski.  Her recent paper, Metal Air Pollution Partnership Solutions: Building an Academic-Government-Community-Industry Collaboration to Improve Air Quality and Health in Environmental Justice Communities in Houston, describes how her team applied the Community-Based Participatory Research principles and integrative frameworks to build a collaborative and equitable relationship among partners.  Read the full article: