Thematic Focus Areas

GC-CPEH Thematic Focus Areas and Theme Leaders:

  1. Early Life Genome and Epigenome Environment (GE2) Interactions led by Dr. Cheryl Walker, BCM and Dr. Zheng Sun, BCM  Research within the GE2 Interactions Theme seeks to understand the impact of our early life environment on health and susceptibility to disease across the life course.
  2. Disaster Research Response (DR2) led by Dr. Cornelis “Kees” Elferink, UTMB and Dr. Winifred Hamilton, BCM
  3. Mechanisms and Interventions in Human Environmental Disease (MIHED) led by Dr. Elaine Symanski, BCM and Dr. Daniel Gorelick, BCM.  The goal of the MIHED Theme is to identify environmental risk factors for disease, evaluate the underlying mechanisms that explain how environmental stressors affect biological systems, and develop, implement and evaluate evidence-based interventions that mitigate environmental health risks.